This is My London

Thanks to Beefeater I'm living in London for 3 months. Follow me in my adventure!!! :D (Most pictures by my actual flatmate Alex)

Still not settled

But close!!!

I finally found my room!!! I was not waiting for the perfect place, there’s no perfect place in London when you don’t have the money to pay for it!!! I was just waiting to see that little spot in the city (with a bed on it) that scream I’M HOME inside my guts. And I did!!! 

Sadly, it won’t be available until the 29th. And today I need to leave my friend’s flat where I’ve been sleeping the last 2 weeks (poor thing, my friend xD) so now I have no other option than going to another friend’s place who is living in Colchester. Guess I’m saying bye bye London for two weeks.

I just cannot wait until I have my own room. Put all my clothes in the wardrobe, my pictures on the walls, my pencils everywhere… Start fresh. 

Adventures… *sigh*

24 hours to London

That’s what my best friend calls me right before I see her for the last time before going to London.
I’m not brave. At all. Actually I’m so scared I can barely eat, I can’t stop going to the bathroom and my stomach hurts so much…

Taking a plane to another country and see “what happens” doesn’t mean I’m brave: I’m a coward for not staying and trying harder here. It doesn’t mean I’m pursuing a dream: it means I’ve given up all my old dreams. It doesn’t mean opportunity: as Sherlock would say, is chance.

I’m leaving tomorrow night. Right now I’m at my parents’ trying to keep a straight face and not to start crying and run to mom’s arms because I feel like a 6 year old girl who is going to school for the very first time.
That’s not bravery, is it?

A couple of months ago I was so sure about this… I hate that girl now, that one who thought leaving all behind and taking a plane to London would be the best thing to do. You know nothing, stupid girl.